Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beautiful Red Frenzy Hair

Red hair can range from brassy in tone to vibrant with flair and we want to take a look at some stars in this section, Everyone has to love this hairstyle with a large, swept bangs, and large curls midway through her hair. She looks gorgeous with this hairstyle, better than the one on her album cover.For women with red hair we have a few tips to keep it rich and dark or colorful and vibrant. First there is protection from the sun. Exposure to the sun or even elements in swimming pools can really turn red shades dull. Use protecting sprays to finish off a hairstyle for days of major outdoor exposure. Try to stay away from major color changes like say to blond or black. Use a color enhancing product at least once a month to keep the color at its fullest. For extra punch, a glaze seems to work very well with red hair color.

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