Friday, February 15, 2013

Curly Hairstyles Picture Gallery

Curly Hairstyles Picture Gallery
Aren?t you a bit tired of your straight hair style? If you have bone straight hair and want a curly hair style for a day, it can be done quickly and easily. Here are some options for getting curly hair for a day:
Are you looking for loose waves?
Here?s a quick and easy technique you can use to get a mass of curls.. Shampoo and condition your hair normally. Towel dry. Create a bun at the nape of your neck by twisting your hair as you shape it into the bun. Pin your newly formed bun into place. Allow your hair to air dry naturally. When hair is dry, take the pins out of your hair and should have long, loose, sexy waves.
Do you want a shaggy, wavy effect?
This one is easy to do. Shampoo and condition your hair. Towel dry. Apply a mousse or other styling product lightly to your damp hair to give it some texture. While your hair is still damp, bend your head over so you?re drying your hair upside down. Dry your hair with the blow dryer while using your hands to scrunch it. Once your hair is dry, throw your head back and immediately spray with hair spray.

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