Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jae Kyung Kim

Born on December 24, 1988, Jae Kyung Kim (Hangul: ???) is the leader of the recently debuted Korean girl group, "Rainbow".

Jae Kyung is one of the best examples of what an oval shaped face looks like. If you haven't noticed already, most Korean idols have the "oval shaped face, because it's the face shape that can work with almost any kind of hairstyle. Here, Jae Kyung is known for her long hairstyles ever since her debut.

The two photos just now demonstrate Jae Kyung's magical oval shaped face. That is, she can fully neglect bangs or have full fringes. Not only that, her fringes are so thick and short it's pretty hard for other face shapes to handle. But clearly, most fans would say Jae Kyung looks best with full bangs, because it creates an image of a "sharper" face, with a "cuter" look.

In this version of Jae Kyung's "long hairstyle", she has it all straightened, ultra thick and long. Adorable =)

Here is another one where Jae Kyung deliberately switches over to curly long hair but with bangs wrapped up. But I'd say bangs are better for her.

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