Monday, April 15, 2013

Korean rapper Yong Jun Hyung

Known as "Poppin Dragon" and "Joker", Yong Jun Hyung is a fresh Korean rapper that didn't debut so long ago through the Korean boy band, B2ST. Not only is he known for his high speed rapping, but also for his crazy hairstyles. See? :D
Yong Jun Hyung can pretty much pull off a short haircut, but with extremely thick and long bangs. Not only that, he usually has shaved sides, or even scratches! This is all because of his oval shaped face...Wait, this photo of his hairstyle is not so crazy yet....

After looking at two of Hyung's hairstyle photos, doesn't he remind you of another popular Korean rapper/idol? Could it be.. G-Dragon?

Hmm... It's a tough one, Both Yong Jun Hyung and G-Dragon have intense styles... Oh hey it's Hyung in a more "normal", thick, medium haircut. Although it's dyed light brown.

Or.. isn't this picture of his hairstyle much crazier?!!? It's so gangster like a 'popping dragon'....

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