Sunday, April 28, 2013


Stephanie Hwang (Hwang Mi-young), also known as "Tiffany", is a member of the South Korean girl group "Girl's Generation".

As expected from an idol with an oval shaped face, Tiffany's facial balance and features allow her to handle almost any kind of hairstyle. Here, she demonstrates a heavy type of short hairstyle, with thick full bangs.

Now, Tiffany grows her hair to wear a longer haircut. This type of haircut looks very cute on her, especially the curled endings. Longer hairstyle gives Tiffany a "princess" look.

Isn't Tiffany so sexy? She looks extremely hot in that type of long, thick hairstyle. With full fringes, Tiffany successfully pulls off the sexy princess look.

Amazing! Tiffany is able to even pull off a medium hairstyle with thick, short fringes and sides. From all of the hairstyles, Tiffany looks great in every one of them. Which is do YOU think fits her best? ;D

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