Thursday, April 18, 2013


Im Yoon-Ah, most commonly known as "Yoona", is one of the gorgeous members of the Korean girl group, "Girl's Generation" (SNSD).

Although she has somewhat a rectangular shaped face, she is most notably known for her long straight hair. Just like the other SNSD member Sunny

Well, well. Here, we have Yoona in shorter hair. But still maintains that 3/4 split for her fringes. She quite loves putting off her bangs, because that way her adorable eyes can be seen much more clearly. Otherwise, with full bangs, one's eyes would seem much smaller than they are.

Now we have Yoona back in her longer, straight hairstyle, but this time dyed in a lighter brown colour. Because of her lovely facial features, she is able to pull off a "less crazy" hairstyle and still maintain that unique Korean idol charisma. Crazier hairstyles can be a bad thing because they can take away one's original facial features and emphasize on the hair ONLY!! Examples like Nam Ji Hyun and Park Bom both portray an intense hairstyle with extremely thick bangs that can cover your whole original facial features.

Here is an example of Yoona wearing a "heavier/crazier" hairstyle. With thick bangs that cover most of your face, it doesn't do such a good job at showing your original elegant face. Even with a plainer, normal haircut, it does a great job at showing your gorgeous face.

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