Friday, April 19, 2013


Kwon Yuri, also known as "Yuri", is another beautiful member of the Korean girl group, "Girl's Generation." (SNSD)
With an oval shaped face, Yuri is known for her usual long hair. But Yuri's version of "long hairstyle" is pretty similar to Yoona's, where the style is not too heavy or crazy. Instead, Yuri's hair style is very natural to the extent that it brings out her true beautiful face.

I love how Yuri does not have heavy bangs that cover her whole forehead. It's usually left in a 3/4 frame. That way one can notice her full features of her face. If the bangs covered so much portion of your forehead, then there is only so much facial impression you can show.

Yuri's hairstyle is pretty much long, medium thick, but curly at the ends. With this kind of hairstyle you can portray a "sexy" or "cute" look.

Yuri's hairstyle makes it suitable for both formal and normal occasions.

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