Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Being EMO or SCENE will get you layed

So, to be different from all of those other copying emo blogs (which are repetitive and boring)I decided to do an entry on how becoming emo or scene can attract the guys and girls (or the same if that's what you prefer =P). My inspiration for this entry was two people I know, one being a girl and the other being a guy who is a friend of mine. You see neither of these two people were always emo/scene they were ordinary people at one point and didn't have too much success gettin layed. But then the girl decided to go scene and well she immediately looked hotter, it surprised me and she even liked me before! I was kind of pissed I didn't get with her... buuut anyways aha,she ended up getting with a bunch of guys and now shes a happy little girl.
The other fellow, well he thought skinny jeans were cool and started wearing them then slowly adopted the emo style. He got his hair cut different, dyed black and in what seemed like no time at all he had emo bit*hes fighting for his co*k on facebook non stop, he even met his gf this way! Like, its actually crazy how much just changing how he looked helped him with girls.
You might wonder how or why emo/scene people are so damn fine, well I'll now tell you why.
The hair: The poofy hair looks thicker right?? And primal instinct makes it so that HEALTHY thicker hair is a turn on so there you have it aha. The puffiness satisfies the primal side and the cool colors satisfy our conscious side so really its the ultimate hairstyle =P
The tight clothes: Tight clothes show off your body so its fairly obvious, well unless your fat. If your fat please dont wear tight clothes it will scare people away. Thank you
So there you have it, I will update this article over the course of the day until it seems completeeee but until then bare with me =P see ya!

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