Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elizabeth Shannon's Long and Layered hairstyles

Shannon Elizabeth made her film debut in 1998's "Dish Dogs". She has also been in the movie "American Pie" where she played the part of Nadia. Shannon is both an actress and model. Shannon's overall style is cute and formal

This hairstyle is clean and classy. Shannon's hair is long and layered. She has a nice deep center part down the middle and her long bangs have been curled inwards slightly and at the back and sides, flipped outwards. Hair Cut:  The hair has been cut long. The back of Shannon's hair is longer that the sides and front. The bangs are cut to a long length as well.
Hair Colour:  Shannon's hair colour is a gorgeous light brown shade.

Suitable for
Face shapes: heart, round
Hair texture: thin, medium, thick
Hair density: medium

Maintenance: easy
Time: 5 to 10 min
Techniques: blow dry
Products: hair spray, moisturizer

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