Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hairstyling Tips: Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond Shaped Face: You have a diamond shaped face only if you have a narrow forehead and chin. However, your cheekbones are also quite strong and broad, sculpting up a diamond shaped face! Your goal would be to minimize your cheekbones, and emphasize your forehead and chin.

Best hairstyles for this type: Diamond Shaped face individuals should wear a haircut that can minimize the narrowness of the face, and soften up the wide cheekbone look. One can achieve this by wearing medium to long haircuts that have a strong layer, which can diminish the broad cheekbone look. Also, wear lots of fringes to make your forehead wider.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid haircuts that do not have any bangs at all, which can totally show your tall and narrow forehead. Also keep away from hairstyles that do not have hair near the neck and chin area, because they do the trick to broaden up your chin. Wear medium to thick layers of hair which will thicken up the forehead.

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