Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hairstyling Tips: Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Face: A type of face shape where the forehead is quite wide, the cheekbones are very delicate, and the chin is very narrow. A Heart Shape Face is basically an Oval Shaped Face but with a narrower chin.
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Best hairstyles for this type: A person with a heart shape face should be concerned with their particular narrow chin. They should attempt to make their chin look enlarged. A Heart shape face should wear a multi-layered haircut, to emphasize the hair volume, and would soften the narrow chin. Also, hairstyles with some bangs is encouraged, to take out the image of a constricted chin. Try not to completely ignore bangs, because without them, the difference of the forehead and chin would be displayed.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid haircuts with completely no fringes, at least leave some bangs on to flatten out the narrow chin. Any hairstyle would work, except for thin-layered haircuts without bangs.

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