Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Korean singer Doojoon

Born on July 4, 1989, Doojoon Yoon is the leader and singer of the new and popular Korean boyband, "B2ST" (BEAST). Clearly Doo Joon has a heart shaped face. He has a wide forehead but a relatively narrow chin. But in contrast, Doo Joon likes to show his facial shape, and gets short haircuts with completely no fringes. In a sense he looks a lot like the other popular Korean singer, T.O.P.


In a way Doo Joon brings out the bright and cool look through his short mohawk style. Neat hmm?
Early on Doo Joon had fringes which acted like a cap for his forehead, while keeping his short haircut.

Doo Joon's hairstyle covers one of the hottest hair trends in Korea to date.

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