Thursday, May 2, 2013

Park Ji-young (Gahee)

Park Ji-young, also known as "Kahi" or Gahee, is the leader of the South Korean girl group "After School".

It appears that Gahee possesses a diamond shaped face, which means that her ideal hairstyles would have to soften up her cheekbones by making her forehead balance accordingly. That is why her usual hairstyle is the long hairstyle
I love how Gahee's hairstyle is always so silky and smooth. This means that her hair thickness is pretty strong. Her long hair length gives her the "rich" feeling.

It appears that Gahee does not like to try out short haircuts, due to her face shape. However, her "trademark" long hair gives her the "sexy" look. Which is the best!
You can add some variations to Gahee's hairstyle by adding curls onto the ends of the hair length. This adds richness to the hairstyle. However, don't forget to avoid bangs to achieve Gahee's hairstyle!

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