Thursday, May 16, 2013

Popular Choice Of Crinkle Skirts For Women Desiring “Bohemian” Look

Crinkle skirt, sometimes called a broomstick skirt, is a skirt that has a very distinctive “crinkled” look.
Beautiful Crinkle Skirt Dress Models
Some skirts with the right type of fabric can be made to look wrinkled by wetting the fabric, crushing it around a broomstick handle, and letting it dry. Crinkle skirts are made in varying lengths and colors, with some featuring tiered fabric, bold patterns, or other decorations. These skirts are a very popular choice for women desiring a “bohemian” look. Since there is such a wide variety of patterns and styles crinkle skirts are versatile options for anything from dressy occasions to everyday wear.

Sedona Desert Crinkle Skirt Collections
Ankle and floor length skirts are most common, however midcalf, knee length, and even shorter crinkle skirts are available. They are usually made from lightweight, flowing fabric that drapes and swirls with movement. A crinkle skirt can easily be paired with many types of shoes, from boots to sandals. The colors and patterns of crinkle skirts are seemingly endless in variety. Many crinkle skirt fans own several skirts for different outfits.
Travelsmith Fiesta Crinkle Skirt Gallery
Crinkle skirts are usually made with an elastic waistband. This makes the crinkle skirt a favorite for women who need a comfortable but presentable outfit with little hassle. Some travelers prefer to spend long hours in the car or airplane wearing a crinkle skirt because of its loose fit and elastic waist, rather than constricting fabrics. Some even have lining for added weight and warmth. Crinkle skirts also tend to be a wardrobe staple for many plus-sized women due to the comfortable fit and flowing style.
Trendy black crinkle skirt images
Many people enjoy making crinkle skirts as a hobby, to either wear or sell. They can be an easy and fun sewing project, easily able to be completed within a single day or weekend. Some crafters also prefer to purchase or make crinkle skirts in light, bland colors and then dye and decorate them.

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