Monday, May 27, 2013

Social Standards of Tattoos

Social Standards of TattoosThere are two types of people in the world of tattoos: the first is those who get one or two somewhat small, well thought out (or maybe not so well thought out), tattoos for a couple reasons. And the second is those who get tattooed to fulfill a deeper meaning and often have several or more tattoos. Tattoos address an individual's personal experiences and will most likely tell us what's important to that individual.

The first group of people that get tattooed are those that want to fit in or feel accepted by a larger peer group such as friends, colleagues, and organizations that they are involved with. Another often more common reason for this group, is that these people get tattooed out of rebellion. This group often gets tattooed when they are adolescents because of the conflicts over identity and to show their control of their own bodies. Tattoos have to be seen before someone can get the idea to get one done and the current medias interest with tattoos strongly fuels this system. Celebrities tattoos are constantly being showcased in movies, magazines, TV shows, and all other forms of media which heavily influences adolescents decisions in getting one.

The second group of people are those who get tattooed because it means something very personal to them and helps them express their thoughts, beliefs, and ideals as well as commemorate a special memory or loved one. These people often have a larger number of tattoos and sometimes even choose to cover their whole bodies. This is obviously the more outrageous group that has a deeper understanding of what tattoos used to stand for and think less about the stigmas surrounding tattoos in our current times.

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