Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some Knowledge You Should To Understand About Stack Heels

Stack heels is specific type of women's shoe. Like many women's shoes, stack heel has protruding design element at the back of the shoe which causes the wearer to look taller.
Max Azria Stacked Heels Black Patent T-Straps
In addition to increasing height, heels also change the way that the wearer moves and walks, sometimes in an aesthetically pleasing way. Stack heels are distinguished by their typically chunkier look, and their greater degree of comfort when compared to some other heeled shoes. Like other heeled shoes, learning to walk on stack heel takes time and patience.

Red stacked heel pumps images
Modern heeled shoes run gamut from wedges to stilettos. Wedges are made with extremely large, very chunky heels which sometimes take up almost the whole shoe. These shoes are also sometimes known as platform heels, and they may feature elevating wedges under the toe area as well. Stilettos, on the other hand, have very slender heels, making them difficult to balance on and walk with.
Strappy heels Moschino Lebo Designs
The height of the stack heel can vary quite widely. Unlike stilettos, which are usually associated with very tall heels, stack heels can provide relatively little lift. They can also feature extraordinarily long heels, although the longer the heel, the more potential discomfort. Unlike platform heels, stack heels do not have elevating platforms under the frontal region of the foot. The stack heel design can be found on boots as well as typical dress shoes.
stacked heel round-toed patent leather ankle strapped heels pictures
The stack heel strikes happy medium between the two styles. It is chunky shoe when compared to stilettos, often with flared base which makes the heel even more supportive. However, stack heel is not nearly as chunky as pair of wedges. The shoe has curvy lines and elegance, while also offering support to the feet and ankles of the wearer. As result, stack heel is reasonably comfortable to wear, even for prolonged periods of time.

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