Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Different Types That Available From Fitted Dresses

There are many types of different women's fitted dresses, from the fitted sheath to sweater dresses.
Flirty and fitted in pink with great rosettes for the additional touch ideas
While they differ greatly in their appearance, fitted dresses all have one common element: They are created to showcase woman's figure. The basic difference between the styles of fitted dresses is their purpose and their design, which greatly differentiates one fitted dress from another. Some are designed for casual wear, others are made for comfort, and yet still others are created for night of glamour.

Cross Back Fitted Bandage Clubwear Cocktail Party Dress Designs
A popular fitted dress for evening is one that has come to be known as the mermaid dress, dress that hugs the curves of the woman's body much like the bottom of mermaid might appear. This sexy dress flatters woman's figure. Often this type of fitted dress will have ruche front and back. This design technique of gathering the fabric allows for give when the person wearing it is moving, and it also hides any figure flaws that might exist.
Fitted ruched sexy black strapless evening mini dress designs
For decades, the sweater dress has been popular style of fitted dress. Made of wool or cotton or any knitted material that sweater might be fashioned from, the sweater dress is considered true classic. These dresses range in length from the short minis to the full-length and flowing traditional dress. Cable is popular design element often found in the fitted sweater dress.
Grey fishnet long sleeve fitted mini dress models
One type of fitted dress that has become popular for Wall Street wear as well as those ladies who lunch is the fitted sheath. This type of dress is conservative with simple design. Often fashioned in one-hued material, this fitted dress is quite simplistic. Though one-tone dresses are most common for this style, there are those that feature pinstripes or patterns. These types of dresses are often worn under suit jacket or with sweater knotted loosely at the shoulders. This dress creates conservative and understated silhouette. 
Sexy Blue Fitted Strapless Ruched Evening Club Party Womens Mini Dress

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