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Japan is not only famous automotive and electronics market has spread to all the world, but it is also their way of life, is extreme and is known to lure young people desire. This culture is known as Harajuku. Harajuku in Tokyo is the center of the region, just near Harajuku station in Sibuya area, Tokyo. In the early 90s, this is an important area, connecting Tokyo to the other surrounding areas. 1N of 1906, as the opening station Yamanote rail expansion. A few years later, a department store where a variety of physical surroundings, leading to the existence of a fashion center. This area became famous throughout Japan through the post, some people do not like the fashion magazine Anan and non-broadcast. At that time, some girls, wandering Harajuku district confirmed. Imitate their fashion, there is no magazine in southern and non-fashion model style. Until now, a group of young people wearing extreme style can be seen in this area. Harajuku fashion style in Japan, rebel icon.

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In Tokyo, most people usually wear a dark coat, dark pants, white shirt, black tie, black box, their hair combed, and they walk fast, because they do not want to waste time. Determined by the school students to wear uniforms. However, in Harajuku, a fashion rebellion. These young people refuse to wear clean clothes. They hope that through creative expression of the extreme, fashion and stunning hairstyle. Not only the performance of their extreme hairstyles, like green, purple, red, blue, gold gold, silver, pink, gray extreme hair color.

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Between the color, design, pattern, size and contrast the performance of the kind of clothing is the fashion style features. Harajuku style is divided into several types. Sometimes, the style is adapted to the beautiful dolls from Japan, White Skin, White really like dolls displayed in the window dressing. This style is known as Lolita. There are so-called role-playing (RPG) style. This style imitation Japanese cartoon hero or gangster film characters. Most of these styles, and Japan through the Rock (Japanese rock band) promotion. Asymmetric with the loud hair color hair is one of them. Asymmetrical hair cut hair is not balanced. For example, one part is long, but the other part is short. Or on the left and right side are different. In the U.S., Harajuku fashion style more and more famous, from the United States, singer Gwen Stefani, creating a song, bring Harajuku fashion theme entitled 'Harajuku girls. In the promotion of her song, Gwen seems to hire the dancers dressed in Harajuku the world of his concert in some fashion. Fashion style to become more famous in many countries. It may spread to your country.

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